Sunday, 14 November 2010

Simple stupid answers to hard questions

The world we live in is filled with complex and trying challenges. The questions we raise every day are hard - really hard - and we crave some simplicity. Someone is always ready to give (or more likely sell) you simple answers to all your problems and questions. Here are some of those appealing simplifications:
  • Just choose things that are 'natural.' Anything natural and organic is good. 'Chemicals' are bad.
  • He died because God had another purpose for him.
  • If you believe the right story, all will be well.
  • You are either gay, street, or bisexual. There is nothing in between.
  • It was meant to be...
  • Bad people will suffer later - life is fair.
  • You got sick because you 'attracted' it with your bad attitude.
  • Some people are good and others are evil.
  • People are either black, white, or Asian.
  • Never trust a ______ person. (fill in your favourite prejudice)
  • Pick a card and I'll tell your future.
  • It happened because you broke a mirror/walked under a ladder/spilled salt, etc.
  • All your problems are due to those people.
  • 800 cubic centimeters of silicone gel will make you happy.
  • Oh, you're an Aquarius!  That explains it.
  • Islam is bad.
  • You just need to find the right girl/guy.
  • Drink up mate!
  • You need to pray more and God will fix it
  • The Bible is literally true
  • Just do what your guru/priest/minister/imam/rabbi says...
In some ways, Unitarianism is unattractive because it doesn't offer simple answers. Perhaps if we did, there would be many millions of Unitarians in the world rather than a few hundred thousand. 

I'm really curious about some of the other simple stupid answers to hard questions you've heard. Feel free to comment

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  1. The one that annoys me most is 'it's meant to be' or more often, 'it was not meant to be'. A couple more in similar vein, which can sometimes be a legitimate answer but more often an excuse:

    'Do what feels right for you' and

    'It's not the right time just now..'