Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A testimonial from Tim Moore

Presented at the Unitarian General Assembly meetings, April, 2012:

Being a Unitarian is something that happens. For Unitarianism to happen, it demands an open mind and heart; for this evokes the spirit of honesty which compels me, challenges me, sustains me to follow a path in search of truth. It takes from my past the joys, the questions, the pains - to make sense of them for today, and to learn from them for the future.

My Unitarianism can happen anywhere: sometimes it happens when I am alone, while reading, while pondering, while studying, even at work and leisure. Often, it happens when I am with others, whether with others for a purpose, for worship, or socially. It may happen indoors or out. It happens when I listen.

Unitarianism, for me, happens as a change beginning deep inside me. Often unnoticeable, even to myself, but changing again and again to be transformed, evolving into a new way of understanding myself, the world, and those around me. It happens because I am free.

My Unitarianism becomes a joy when we are together. I discover how I have changed, and I see change in others. When we are together, we grow together, the search is not about "my" Unitarianism: it becomes our Unitarianism.

This is when we can be our strongest: gathered together, listening together, sharing together, loving together. It is how our Unitarianism happens, and this is how we will move forward; looking upward, looking outward, living the search of our Unitarianism.

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