Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A testimonial from Jill Hudson

Presented at the Unitarian General Assembly meetings, April, 2012:

Unitarianism, is my saviour
It is the church where I can taste a different flavour.

All my life I had sought for spiritual truth
To the days of middle age from when I was a youth

I explored many churches and was always told the same
But I could never play the blind obedience game,

Never bow to creeds and beliefs that don’t ring true,
Not allowed to mention that I held a different view

So I set off on my lonely quest to find the truth again
And found the Unitarian Church – where I can use my brain

And where I can be free to reach my own conclusions
And not be forced to settle for some other faith’s illusions

Fifteen years on I’m certain that I found the path that’s right
And I’m glad to meet with others who have had the same insight

But what about those people, struggling in society
Who haven’t found the treasure of religious liberty?

How can we share our fellowship? How can we spread the word?
This is the crux that bothers me – for if we are not heard

We cannot take LIFE’s message to people near and far
We really need to advertise what Unitarians are

We’re living now on yesteryear’s fat – the legacy of the past
If we don’t increase our numbers, our movement will not last

So I implore you, delegates, to yourselves this aim apply
Because otherwise our movement will eventually die

We are the ones with power and the responsibility
There’s no one else can make us grow – only you and me.

So let’s make a pledge today – the focus of our lives
To ensure through our efforts Unitarianism thrives.

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