Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A testimonial from John Pickering

Presented at the Unitarian General Assembly meetings, April, 2012:

Why are we all here at the GA?
What is it about being Unitarian that appeals to so many diverse individuals?

Let me share with you why I’m here.
And it’s not simply because of our Unitarian past – as much as we are indebted to that – for me, the exciting thing about being Unitarian - is the future!

In most other faiths you have to accept a package of doctrines.
It is the doctrines that define the members.
But, Unitarians don’t have a package of belief - we have a spectrum of belief!
Here the members define the movement!
Theologically and spiritually, that is a fundamentally important difference.

A package of belief is all wrapped up – done and dusted - static – unmoving!
This kind of thinking does not reflect cosmic realities!
In both the vast astronomical universe and the immensely small sub-atomic quantum universe: Everything is moving – ebb and flow and change are everywhere! Movement is at the quantum basis of all physical Reality!

Ok - Let’s just think about Unitarian principles:
Compassion – Truth - Liberty, – this is not static – this is the quantum basis for a living spirituality!
When Newton split white light through a prism to reveal all the colours of the rainbow – it was a radical step forward.
Unitarianism is like that prism - One light – many colours!
Look at the chalice flame – the flames are many but the Light is One!

Faith! Freedom! Community! Shared Values! The Capacity to evolve and change! Acceptance of new possibilities! This is exciting stuff – this is dynamic spirituality that can move forwards with humanity into any future!
Why are we not shouting this from the roof tops?

Unitarians - we have a great heritage – let’s honour that by taking a quantum spiritual leap - into an even greater Unitarian future!

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