Monday, 17 September 2012

U+ : A worksheet to facilitate your practice

U+ Practices worksheet

This worksheet was created a a support for practicing the U+ plan for Unitarian/UU living. The U+ program itself can be found on the previous blog post here.

Specificity and commitment make practice much more likely and possible. Complete a worksheet at least each year and as often as your commitments change. Keep it close and keep it up to date!

Please note: . If you modify the programme, please do not use the name 'U+' for it. I ask this solely because I hope that a network of mutually supportive U+ groups might eventually emerge. This will be stymied if U+ is significantly different in different places. 

This worksheet may also be downloaded through these Google Docs links. PDF, RTF, ODT, DOCX

  1. Dietary responsibility: Adopt a just and compassionate diet.
My commitment(s)

  1. Responsible consumption: Adopt a just and compassionate approach to sourcing clothing, goods and resources.
My commitment(s)

  1. Reduce impact: Be kind to the earth and others by recycling, reducing waste, sharing and donating the goods we have
My commitment(s)

  1. Generosity: Help the wider community
My financial generosity commitment(s)

My service generosity commitment(s)

  1. Community: Join a Unitarian congregation  
My commitment for participation and generosity(s)

  1. Serve your community: Take on service roles in your congregational community
My commitment(s)

  1. Care for your physical self: Adopt a wholesome lifestyle, avoiding substances and practices that would injure you or lessen your abilities and seeking those that strengthen.
My commitment(s)

  1. Exploration in relationship: Belong to (or lead) at least one ongoing congregational small group each year that gathers regularly for mutual support and spiritual growth
My commitment(s)

  1. Individual exploration: Actively and deliberately examine your beliefs and values
My commitment(s)

  1. Spiritual practice: Adopt one or more daily spiritual practices
My commitment(s)

  1. Annual renewal time: For two or more consecutive weeks each year live a more disciplined spiritual life, preferably with others in your community. This may include spiritual practices, charity work, and adhering to extra dietary restrictions.
My commitment(s)

  1. Pilgrimage: Take on an immersive experience in the world at least once every five years. This may serve as a ‘pilgrimage’ to a ‘spiritual site.
My pilgrimage plan(s)

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  1. Andy, this worksheet has one omission and that is the doing of the daily work to sustain the relationships we are born into or have vowed our commitment to. For me, such relationships always need my attention and it is a spiritual exercise to do that. This would be Benedict's vow of stability.