Friday, 12 February 2010

Short and Sweet

Unitalian, in a previous comment, offered a couple of short, compelling tag-lines, nuggets or slogans that help to communicate the essence of Unitarianism in a brief, catchy way.  Here are the offerings by Unitalian (who I know to be a professional in this area in his real life!):
  • most religions are top down, we're bottom up
  • we don't tell you what to believe, we help you discover the belief in yourself
There have been many other good (and not so good) slogans used in the past and present. Here are the ones I can think of or find on the web:
  • Many beliefs - one faith
  • The uncommon denomination
  • You may already be a Unitarian and not know it!
  • Spirituality without conformity
I'm sure I'm missing many more, but I'm more interested to hear what others might come up with. Strap on your creative thinking cap if you will and post a comment with your brilliant, catchy, phrase that captures and communicates the (or even 'an') essence of Unitarianism!


  1. Sorry to be the first commenter on my own post, but two that I forgot to mention...

    - Unitarianism: Spirituality without conformity
    - We need not think alike to love alike (Francis David)
    - Unitarianism: Deeds, not creeds

  2. The UUA has the media campaign: "Nurture your spirit. Help heal our world."

    If they would have asked me, but they didn't, I would have removed the word "help." Much more punchy:

    "Nurture your spirit. Heal our world."

    Now that's a rallying cry.

  3. Unitarianism: We set our chalices on fire rather than drink from them!

  4. I've been wracking my brain for new ideas!

    - Believe freely, care deeply, act boldly - Unitarians
    - Unitarians: radically inclusive, spiritually alive

  5. Unitarians: Always questioning answers.

    Unitarians celebrate the diversity of creation.

    Spiritual, but not religious? Find a home with the Unitarians.

    Open to exploring faith and belief? So are we.

    We're looking for the meanings of life. Are you?

  6. Angela - great contributions! are these oldies, new creations by you or some combination of the two?

  7. The first is based on a UU joke I think, the second is from the GA's banner (sometimes used at Pride events?). The others are my own invention. I like slogans (mostly by others) that are in clear, plain English with a call to action. Not too clever or like an in-joke. Unfortunately, difficult to write.

  8. A few weeks ago we did a workshop after worship when we discussed the current words and phrases we use for ourselves on notice boards etc. It was an interesting process, as it turned out the main phrase we use at the moment is not really owned or liked by anyone in the congregation! When I get round to it, I'll post a write up on my blog.

  9. I attended a worship workshop at the weekend and picked up a little book published in 1927 called The Wayside Pulpit (previously owned by the Rev Basil Short): it is a collection of Unitarian slogans from the board outside Cross Street Chapel, Manchester. I intend to post some of the pithier ones on my blog soon.

    On our Bristol Unitarians website, our introductory text (written by Lindy Latham) says: "Spiritually we are diverse, yet because we enjoy hearing and understanding different perspectives, amongst our members there are those who would describe themselves as Humanists, agnostics, mystics, theists, Christians, Pagans as well as Unitarians."